Lilium Energy


Hybrid Street Light

Our hybrid street light is a self-sufficient and completely powered from renewable solar and wind energy through an attached PV and vertical wind turbine. During the day, the PV panel generates power and charges the built-in battery, and when there’s wind, the wind turbine will also generate power to charge the battery. A built-in hybrid controller manages both the power generation from the PV and wind turbine as well as the load of LEDs. The hybrid controller will automatically switch the LED lights on and off depending on the whether sunlight is available.

The system is designed so the LED can light up for at least 8 hours a day for 6 consecutive days when there is no sun or wind due to the climate.

There is a second set of colorful LEDs on the light pole that will increase the aesthetic appeal of the street where the hybrid street light is installed. A third small LED in the wind turbine adds additional attraction when the turbine is turning at night.

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