Lilium Energy


Hydrogen power generator (HPG)

HPG is clean and extremely environmental friendly. The power output ranges from 40W to 5kW. They are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of remote prime power and emergency power in areas where the power grid is unreliable, non-existent or at times when it is offline. It offers benefits of convenience, stability, cost-effectiveness and low maintenance over traditional internal combustion systems. It can also be supplementary power sources for residential and commercial usage.

HPG products can be tailored to meet the needs of various applications. For example, with smaller power out-put to suit the needs of portable devices, such as military communication devices or outdoor equipment.

Special features
  1. Complete integrated PEM fuel cell electric power generator
  2. Air cooled model for portability
  3. Water (Liquid) cooled model for high power density
  4. Reliable power source for a myriad of end applications
  5. May be hybridized with battery or other secondary energy storage devices for higher peak outputs
  6. Field service proven for reliable and durable operations
  7. Can be coupled with APFCT low-pressure hydrogen storage canisters for total power system solutions


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