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Low Pressure Hydrogen System

Low pressure hydrogen system and transportation

We provide total low pressure hydrogen solution

  1. High pressure Hydrogen refueling infrastructure requires long time and vast
    investment before they are truly accessible for public.
  2. Public still under-informed of the advantages of hydrogen FCEV and remain
    worried about the high pressure hydrogen
  3. Low pressure canister-based hydrogen system provide an alternative for power
    storage and clean transportation.
  4. This will ease the public concern and speed up the adaptation for hydrogen
    energy system and carbon reduction.
  5. Evening electricity and remote production of renewable energy can be stored
    with hydrogen canisters easily.
Advantages of Low Pressure Fuel Cell Example FC pallet truck

  Pallet Truck
  Pros & Cons  
  Lead Acid
Needs to purchase 2 back-up batteries
      for each pallet truck to support all-day operations  

Long recharging time

  High pressure
  Fuel Cell   
The cost of that hydrogen increases with distance
      from the hydrogen production facility
      for each pallet truck to support all-day operations  

Costly infrastructure

  Low pressure
  Fuel Cell   
Cost effective hydrogen supply & refueling  

Short swapping time
      for full hydrogen canister


Dual Track Hydrogen Economy

By both high pressure and low pressure approach for hydrogen
transportation, we can speed up the goal for hydrogen economy
and reach the milestones for
renewable transportation much quicker.

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