Lilium Energy


LED Street Lights

World's Lightest LED Street Lights

  1. Lightest LED panel
    The LED panel weigh only 5.6kg(60W)~7.9kg (240W). They are much lighter
    than others for the same power.
  2. Proprietary heat dissipation technology
  3. Proprietary curved surface design, 165° light angle enables uniform light

  4. UL, CE, CNS 15233 certified
  5. Reliability Certification
    1. Dust-proved, water-proved certified to IP67
    2. Harsh salty moist environment test
    3. c. Wind tunnel 17th grade test
      Will survive hurricane attach

  6. One of the three certified Cree Integration Solution Provider in Asia

  7. Receive the Taiwan Excellent Product Award for LED street light (only one in Taiwan)

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