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About Lilium Energy

We are in the midst of a global energy and environmental crisis marked by rapid depletion of conventional oil reserves and a steadily increasing concentration of green-house gases from use of fossil fuels. These circumstances have produced threatening results, recently demonstrated by two hurricanes that hit New York in consecutive years despite the projected frequency of a 500 year separation. It's time for America to drastically revisit our energy generation and consumption. President Obama has recognized this, and with his Climate Action Plan, the base for a green America has been set. With his three pillars guiding us, it is our turn to contribute to the future of a cleaner Earth.

With a mission to nurture the future of green energy, Lilium Energy Inc. strives to provide user friendly, efficient, and reliable green energy systems and components at a very comparable price. Lilium energy is a versatile supplier for a multitude of renewable energy systems, including: LED tube lights, LED street lights, LED plant growth lights, wind turbines, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and key components, smart energy management, mini hydrogen vehicles and scooters, and smart grid/sensing systems. We aim to provide comprehensive solutions and services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, which can be scaled up to serve an entire community. We believe that in order to stop global warming and achieve the Third Industrial Revolution, we should not only deploy renewable energy but also monitor and manage energy consumption.

In addition, we deeply believe in continually improving technology and business practices through market research and collaborations with industrial figures, academic partners, and customer feedback. We welcome all forms of collaborations - investment, project collaboration; comments and advice are greatly appreciated. We believe that, as the community work together towards the same goal of a green society, the light from the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter and brighter.